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Illegal Base, RDM, NLR, Prop Block

Montego Quintanilla

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So in this video, let's cover the following offenses committed by these 2 users shall we? x)

The players in question are:

BigMcChungus (STEAM_0:0:156045416)

Jose Quierra (STEAM_0:1:63978152) 


1) Illegal base- their base, as you can see in the video, had an unraidable door. I couldn't place breaching charges on the door to get to the bottom due to the door not ACTUALLY being a door. It was simply a prop blocking the back of the base that went down to the jail. Also, no keypads to get down, only to get up from the bottom- therefore you also cannot lockpick or use a keypad cracker. 

2) NLR- After I adverted raid and killed both of them, they BOTH came back a couple times each. Not only that, but they finally managed to kill myself AND my party member who was helping me raid after coming back twice. Proof provided at the end of the video when myself and John Samson were RDM'd.

3) Prop blocking!- as you can ALSO see in the beginning of the video, BigMcChungus prop blocked us in so we couldn't leave. Not much more to say here other than it's pretty much prop blocking x2 on account the exit to the bottom was blocked off via prop AND the entrance was prop blocked so we had no escape. Essentially made it so we couldn't exit from any side.

4) RDM- When breaking NLR, both BigMcChungus and his friend Jose Quierra resorted to RDMing myself and my friend. I died once and so did my friend to BigMcChungus . That makes it RDM x2 on BigMcChungus. His friend Jose Quierra only shot at us, I don't believe he was the one who actually KILLED us.


After all these countless offenses, they resorted to harassing me via chat saying they won't be punished at all and proceeded to give me their discords in chat? XDDDD

Note: They left the game as soon as I opened a ticket XDDDDDDDD... LTAP x1 each?? 



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