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Osama has had enough x)

Montego Quintanilla

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Teeter's steam profile-(STEAM_0:1:61414651)

So my man here decided he had enough of MBRP and went on an Osama terror spree (without advert of course) and used the Osama bomb about 30+ times. In the provided recordings I have him doing it about 10 times, about 30 in total that I can't be fucked to upload bc the amount of time it would take, but I doubt I need to show all 30 for him to be banned lmfaoooo


NOTE: People starting just RDMing him straight out of spawn since he would just run out and bomb repeatedly and no staff would log on and handle it lmfao... 

ALSO NOTE: The video was going to take legitimate hours to upload to the forums as an attachment, so I'm uploading to YT and linking:



2nd shorter vid: 

Enjoy x)

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