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9/12/2020 Update


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  • Changed the overheads on most the npcs/entities to match
  • Added Breeching charge logs [Staff only!]
  • Added territory logs [Staff only!]
  • Added printer logs [Staff only!]
  • Fixed errors spamming with the awp
  • Added a new secret tool to staff a few days ago
  • Fixed possible exploit in Lootcrates


  • Added the new skill system
  • Updated the f4 menu to work with new skills system
  • Added new mining system in Mexico
  • Added blackjack tables, high roller table on the higher floor.
  • Added brand new bitminers
  • Added a new Hacker and Pro Hacker job for bitminers
  • Removed Bitminer 2
  • Hobo Lord can now spawn a donation box
  • Removed pickpocket logs [Staff only!]
  • Removed pocket logs [Staff only!]
  • Made logs load a tad bit faster
  • Exhibitionist now have access to spawn one extra printer
  • Added new rewards system
  • Added new referral system
  • Added the weapon kvolt for Nitro boosting rewards along with $5,000,000 and the nitro helmet!
  • Updated the ui library
  • You can now purchase permanent weapons with ingame cash in the F4 menu
  • Added the Fruitslicer job
  • Fixed the Battering ram not working on fading doors
  • Buffed Meth a significant amount
  • Buffed Opium a significant amount
  • Added a new miner job for mining
  • Managers can now start events such as printer events
  • Added a new secret tool to staff a few days ago
  • Added a suggestion npc

Will be adding a few more things within this week!

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