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9/13/2020 Update


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  • Increased the price on the spas 12 permanent weapon
  • Decreased the price of the AW50 permanent weapon
  • Decreased the price of the ACR permanent weapon
  • Increased the price of the Scar permanent weapon
  • Uranium will now spawn every 30 minutes and stay on the ground for 10 minutes
  • Nerfed the amount of xp you get per hit
  • Nerfed the chance of getting an ore every hit
  • Slightly decreased the default speed of the pickaxe and jackhammer
  • Fixed Bloodstone not being in the server
  • Increased the level requirement of every mining weapon
  • Now only the chef can spawn Fruitslicer equipment
  • Removed the Fruitslicer job as it is merged to the chef job
  • The Chef can now get a donation box
  • Added the animated rainbow material for props
  • Fixed Fruitslicer error
  • Added some new melee weapons for future plans
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