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The Buffalino Family

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Nir    25

The Buffalino Family


You may have seen a few of us ingame with the B̷u̷f̷f̷ tag before, but we have remained semi-closed for recruitment so far. After tons of preparation with levelling up, building an infrastructure, and making a name for ourselves, we are ready to recruit new members.


How we are built?

Different. Jokes aside, our rank layout is as follows.



Owner of the gang, has ultimate power of all decisions.


The highest achievable rank. Manages the gang in all aspects including: Gang Vault, Promotions, Recruitment, Diplomacy between gangs.


Supervisor of the gang. Handles training for associates and recruits new members, and keeps everyone in check.


Similar responsibilities to Grunt, but is higher in the ranks.


Lowest and most basic rank. Participate in Gang Territories, listen to higherups, spread gang pride.


Not a full member of the gang yet. Follow Grunt responsibilities and you will be set to Grunt soon.


How do you join?

If you're interested in joining, you can contact me on my discord: Nir#1845 (or see me in the darkrp staff list if you're in the discord).

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