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User Report Moe Lestor and Chuh

shaco box

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Your in-game name: Niga Quintanilla


Users IGN: Chuh & Moe Lester


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:1:94421439 (Chuh) ; STEAM_0:0:47623147 (Moe)


Explain what happened: I joined the server and switched to hobo lord to make a shack on the sidewalk, and I started getting RDA'd over and over so I had to switch to a government role to stop it from even happening. Once I went to a government role, I was RDM'd instead since I could not arrest me. All of the RDM and RDA is from Chuh. Moe Lester was demoting me every time I was joining a government job to allow his friend Chuh to RDA me since he made the bail 100k. I will provide screenshots of each death and false demote with time stamps of each.



So that is RDM x11 RDA x4 and False Demotion x3 (The first and last screenshot timestamps are given to show the amount of time that the offenses took place) Thanks for reading all this.

RDM Chuh 8.jpg

RDM Chuh 9.jpg

RDM Chuh 10.jpg

RDM Chuh 11.jpg

RDM Chuh 12.jpg

RDM Chuh 1.jpg

RDM Chuh 2.jpg

RDM Chuh 4.jpg

RDM Chuh 5.jpg

RDM Chuh 6.jpg

RDM Chuh 7.jpg

RDA Chuh 3.jpg

RDA Chuh 4.jpg

RDA Chuh.jpg

RDA Chuh 2.jpg

Moe Demote 2.jpg

Moe Demote 3.jpg

Moe demote.jpg

First ss time.JPG

last ss time.JPG

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