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Trofi has false proof


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Your in-game name: Johnny Frock


Users IGN: Trofi アニメ


Users SteamID: 76561198844500405


Explain what happened: I'm not even sure where to begin or if this is even the proper place to post this, first me and a friend got raided. During this raid the raiders kill us all and destroyed our bitminers, this is completely average and expected. Moments, just moments before the raid was over me and my friends started going in the direction of our base. Nowhere near breaking NLR, as we were not even in the same area as our bases. One of us broke NLR, when the other two of us DID NOT. I can sit here and tell you for a fact that two of us went nowhere near our base and the other one went to HIS base next to ours, as he was just visiting us. We stood and watched them finish the raid in which they turned and randomly started shooting us while we were standing and talking, since they shot and killed my friend I shot and killed the guy who killed my friend which caused the other one to shoot me. Afterwards they called an admin saying we supposedly broke NLR and RDM'ed, which we did neither because we stood far from our base and only defended ourselves. When I got called to an actual sit, the guy supposedly had "video proof" of me walking over to the door even though he continuously said he wouldn't give it to me. Even when the moderator Kevroe supposedly said he had it, which I know for a fact is wrong because I went nowhere near the door. I have no clue where to report this or even what to do with it, all I know is that I was wrongly jailed.


Evidence: There is none, because unlike Trofi I have no reason to record my gameplay just to get innocent players in trouble.

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ok so i dealt with this sit so he DID have very clear video evidence of you breaking nlr and then you started lying in the sit so jailed you for longer 

you very CLEARLY broke nlr during this raid lmao

-no evidence

-mega false report

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