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Brock Mass RDM that went on for an hour.


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Your in-game name: Frostin


Users IGN: Brock


Users SteamID  76561198079576602


Explain what happened: So basically, I was doing my job as a swat when he pulled up and started mass rdming everyone with a knife, as a hitman. This went on for 30 minutes of me trying to get him to stop, as of reporting him right now, he is still doing it to everyone in the server.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)
I did cut down the video and only included where he rdmed (if you want raw footage add me on discord Frostin#0001) When I told him that hes getting banned when I stopped the footage, he said (I dont care this is a shit server) so I think he should get a perma personally. Thanks! (Make sure you look at the laws as guns and knifes are aos.)

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49 minutes ago, Vexyzs said:


-Clear Evidence

On a side note tho knives and weapons can only be aos if you don't own a license not kos







oh yeah I know that, the mayor put that and went afk, I only enforced the AOS.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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