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I was banned on Exhibitionrp and would like to appeal


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Hi, I was banned from ExhibitionRp on 8/11/2020 For the reason of rdmx14 and frpx14. I think I should deserve to have a second chance because I wont do it again. Me and my friend were playing on the server and minges started continuously killing us and after they killed us we killed them back. Out of frustration I started killing everyone that damaged my friend because I was in a party. I have video recording/proof of all of this if you would need it. Now that I think of it I regret doing everything I did in that moment. There was a lot going on and I made multiple reports of the situation and no admin or moderator replied but one person reported the situation and I got pulled and instantly the admin said (the admins name was Jush) that I was going to get banned. I had no chance to defend myself including saying I had video evidence to proof that they were minging and right after I got permanently banned and I haven't loaded into the server since. Please give me a second chance. Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198880494385/

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