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IMCHRIS Staff Report


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Explain what happened:

Not only did chris ignore the rules i generously copy/pasted for him as a reference and rebuttal (claiming that you need a warrant to arrest on private property, which isn't true) but he then proceeded to jail me because of lack of evidence


POSTSCRIPT: I also forgot to mention during the sit, the area Soy was owning was being advertised as basically a 'chill space' (anyone allowed)



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+/- Support 

- The video seems to be edited to show only what haze wants to show and it seems like its that way to make chris look bad and not show the whole story 

- While there is strong evidence that chris did make a booboo id like to see the whole situation to better understand who how when where and why, while there is enough info here, it is just the side of that makes chris look bad and not the whole story 


- there is evidence, but again like stated above its one side and not the whole thing.



-threatening staff generally isnt a good idea and doesnt get you the best outcome

-it was a jail bruh you couldve pmed thoro or someone rather than making a big deal like jesus dude



overall id like to see the whole situation and until then -support seems highly doctored 

also if it was irrelavent soy was right there and you couldve easily talked to him about it since he was a higher up and couldve talked to chris and handled the problem

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Here is my side of it.

 soy made a report about rda on his owned property without warrant ok simple enough

i was in a discord call and said that he just climbed up his ladder to his rooftop base and got arrested i assumed it was a cp raid so i checked adverts

haze did not advert at 00:36 i stated this after i looked at the logs i noticed he was arrested so i asked haze if he had video of this illegal activity that was committed that would justify arresting on someone's property  now in the video at 00:36 watch the animations on the models you will see a cut i was not asking him if he adverted for a arrest i was asking if he did have a warrant now i may have misunderstood this rule

CP may arrest anyone at any time (even with no mayor) if they see illegal activities. 

  there are a few cuts from this sit not in this video and as i do not remember word for word that was spoken i will not butcher it by trying to quote anything 

This being said that is the reason i asked for any form of recording to show that soy was doing said crime  since the user did not want to supply me with any form of proof of this and all i had to go off of was logs and this rda and soy's base location i did jail for 5 minutes for rdaX1 

i was under the understanding that arresting on someone's property was not allowed i may have been mistaken if so then i will gladly take whatever punishment my higher ups deem necessary.


sorry if i did make this mistake.


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