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Worlld report


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Staff members name:



Staff Member Discord:



Explain what happened:

This staff member has been extremely toxic towards me telling me im autistic, and that I should leave the community, staff member was striked for it on the first (11/01/2020) by zae while prp staff, and today he continued that by calling Frog a pedophile for simply supporting a political candidate, zae said that he didn’t want to deal with the backlash of demoting worlld, so he let him transfer to DarkRP staff.


this staff member originally got DarkRP staff without applying, after his transfer request was denied by robert and he resigned. He transferred to prp shortly after, and is now back on DarkRPs staff team most likely only to avoid the demotion. 


Regardless of his opinions of me, his behavior breaks staff guidelines. And is unacceptable


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)



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1 minute ago, Nir said:


This was already dealt with. Both managers gave him the permission to transfer and he did. If anything this should be a manager report.

Thats why i messaged miskie and asked him to deal with it


Zae said himself, worlld should have been demoted. This would have been his second strike

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9 minutes ago, Damplips said:

A strike and punishment has already been pushed. It's not like its being swept under the rug... why would you make a report

Zae literally said he should have been demoted lmao. But zae didnt want to deal with the shit talk he’d get from worlld

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