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Chubby Hoes - Staff Report (No Clipping into bases)

Sonic Boomz

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Copy, fill out & paste the format below.


Your in-game name: Sonic Boom


Staff members name: Chubby Hoe


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:  STEAM_0:1:101259100


Explain what happened: We were chilling in our base farming money from our printers when we noticed that staff member "Chubby Hoes" no clipped into our base and decided to take a look at the layout of our base. He made the argument that it was an accident (which it clearly was not), but even if that were true, how does that explain him doing it to us on two occasions? I can only imagine how many times he has done this to other players to gain an unfair advantage in a raid. 

Recent Edit: I just posted new evidence that he noclipped into our base for a total of three times. This was in no way an accident.





New evidence has been found proving that he did it a total of three times: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/783097668741234688/783099177420324884/Accidently_Flying_Through_Base.mp4

I initially overlooked this evidence because i thought it was the first time he did that. But if you compare all the vides thus far it does not match up with the flight path he took. So clearly this is a separate attempt. So he actually did it three times

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He did come into your base but he came from the above outside of your base and he left quickly so it doesn't really look like he was looking at the layout. and you say that it happened twice but you only have video of one, if you have video of the other time this happened can you put that here because that would help show that it was not an accident



@Chubby Hoes

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Sonic Boom,

I was flying around in the dark space bored and waiting for another admin sit ticket to come through. While I was doing so I may have clipped your base very so slightly. Here is my POV


I fully admit what I may have flew just barely past your base and maybe even clipped into it for one quick millisecond. Like I mentioned before I was simply waiting for another sit to be called.

Now after this took place your buddy called a admin sit to confront me about it. Here is the conversation as follows. 


He ends up shooting me in the admin sit after both are toxic towards me for accidently clipping by your base. Please make sure to place close attention to how you call me a jackass after I had apologized. On top of this you broke more rules later on the day when you were raided.



To conclude, I would like to formally apologize for accidently clipping through your base for a quick milli-second. But I would also like to add that you are not above the rules yourself. You want to apply for moderator position with a open application currently while you are very toxic to admins on duty as shown above and when you, yourself are caught breaking rules its all sweet and dandy and you do not even say 1 word in the entire admin sit. 


Yours Truly,


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Just now, Sonic Boomz said:

^^^ this does help for what I said above, I Thought that this was a misunderstanding but him wearing all of that makes proves that you didn't lie of what you said, but what Chubby said and his video of you two being toxic to him help me to believe that this is about something else, say maybe a -support on a staff app or maybe something other then that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Although flying into peoples bases can be against the rules to a certain extent, he never tried to gain any knowledge while he flew by. I will say tho if you are bored, fly above, or below the map so you don’t clip into people’s bases. The staff member in this situation wasn’t doing anything to bad, and usually is a fairly good staff, so for that reason: -/+SUPPORT.

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+/- support

unless he raided you, or used flying into your base to gain an advantage in an rp, I don't really him doing it as intentional. Don't get me wrong he shouldn't but I mean if it was an accident then accidents happen.

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I don't understand why the deciding factor has to be that he raided me or not. OF COURSE HE DID NOT RAID ME AFTER I CAUGHT HIM IN THE ACT. If he would of raided me after he was caught doing this then a demotion would of been guaranteed. And he knew this. On top of that he's already shown that he uses a recording software when he plays, therefore, even if he was only in my base for a second he could of clipped the footage and paused it to get an advantage of my layout. Especially since we base here all the time and use that exact dupe. I would not have made this staff report if he only did it once. But he "accidently" noclipped into my base on two occasions. This is not acceptable and 2 times is most certaintly not an accident.

He even showed me separate footage of him clipping into my base for A THIRD TIME. 


Footage of him clipping into my base for the THIRD TIME (I DID NOT NAME THIS FOOTAGE): 

[5:58 PM]
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