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4 People Breaking Countless Rules on 12/16/2020 in the early morning

Straight Black Male

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My In Game Name: Straight Black Mexican (I go by Straight Black Male on Steam)
Users IGN: "gdgdg","that nigga in cheating hentai","FloydsNeckGaming","Hazmat"
User ID's: "STEAM_0:0:187930479" (Hazmat), "STEAM_0:0:105933973" (that nigga in cheating hentai), "STEAM_0:1:444560067" (FloydsNeckGaming), (I'm still looking but I cant find gdgdg's steam ID)
 The players "gdgdg", "that nigga in cheating hentai", "FloydsNeckGaming", and "Hazmat" broke countless rules last night. The first three gdgdg, hentai, and floyd all broke NLR, raided without adverting, prop blocked, prop climbed, RDM'd my friend Pagan once he died, and harrassed the both of us for well over an hour. maybe even more because I collected full bitcoin miners multiple times throughout the fight. They had classes that we'rent allowed to raid and some even switched to SWAT classes to more easily get into my base. Hazmat was not involved in this fight but was RDM'ing the whole night and you can see some of this in the clip. There was also a time when Hazmat tried to raid me, and killed my party member Pagan through one way walls with a sniper to the head multiple times and was very blatantly wall hacking. 

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