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Mass RDM, Mass FailRP, Mass Propminge, Mass ARDM, Multiple people involved


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Your in-game name: Excil


Users IGN:
- Grig (mass rdm, ardm)
- vibes (hitman seen in the video, mass ardm, rdm, propminge, ltap at 16:56)
- StankyClanky (mass failrp, prop minging, harrassment)
- lil rolex (mass failrp, ardm, ltap at 17:10, propminge)
- Chimp enthusiast (This kid killed me 4 times, possibly all rdms, then he lies in the sit as well, I already got this kid jailed for 5 minutes, but at a specific part of the video in the sit, he admits that his only other possible party members involved in this were "ginger turtle" and "rizo", none of the people I ever really killed that i dont even remember seeing except for rizo, whom of which never even really came in my base except once, but anyways, assuming from what I said, the people i killed werent in his party, and after his 5 minute jail he left.. He has 1 valid and 3 "possible" rdms, however he got punished for just the 1, so he's eligible for the other 3.)
Nigwardo (prop minge with his base above the road)
- Rizo (harrassment, ardm)


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:
- Grig: STEAM_0:1:48565305
- vibes: STEAM_0:0:419509436
- StankyClanky: STEAM_0:1:72330123
- lil rolex: STEAM_0:1:191383594
- Chimp enthusiast: STEAM_0:1:192498405
- Nigwardo: STEAM_0:0:38622658


Explain what happened:

Hopefully watching the video below will clear things up, its 28 minutes of footage, the last 10 minutes being in a sit that included me, a cop, and chimp enthusiast, there's too many offenses, so hopefully watching the video below will give a bird's eye view to the situation, and you can deliver the correct punishments.

I want all of these kids punished.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.): The evidence given follows what happened on the server after 3:15 AM Eastern Time.


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Thank you for your report Excil.

People who will be punished: Lil Rodex, Grig, Vibes, Stanky Clanky and Chimp

People who will not be punished: Rizo [You cannot provide me a steamID]

Nigwardo [This offence is minor and don't require a ban]. You should've simply ask Torrance.





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