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You guys should take awoonya Admin Powers away


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just going to put my input in here, one the 2 of you were banned on 2 different instances 1 was banned last week and another yesterday/today depending on time zone. I didnt know that I banned one of your friends last week since i dont know who your friend is and also hard to remember when staff members punish quite a lot of people daily so its hard to recall something that happened a week ago. Two I explained very clearly that you killed the guy outside your base with no kos sign and when your other friend put one up, you still killed him outside the area specified. Even if he tried to raid you before just sitting outside your base  yelling nlr on him although he didnt kill/restart his raid after his initial death. You were only banned for 1 day for rdmx4. Then I had to explain to your other friend for approximately another 10 mins why you were banned and what constitutes an nlr. A big hole in your friends story was the fact that the guy was shooting at your base so you killed him but in all instances in the manager he wasnt holding a weapon of any kind or inside your kos area after setting that up after killing him twice.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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