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American Base (83 props, sry)

John Wayne Gracy

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 american public dupe 1.txt



Outside american spawn (Image below)



Prop Count:

83 (Only exhibitionist can place it, sry)


Fading door binds:

(In order from outside to inside) Numpad 1, Numpad 2, Numpad 3.


Fading Doors/Crack ramps:



2 Stories of cover:



Back room for printer/bitcoin storage:



Outside View:



How to install/use:

Navigate to your gmod folder, go to garrysmod, data, then put the dupe in the advdupe2 folder. To paste it ingame, pull out your toolgun, hold q, go to advanced duplicator 2, select the dupe, check "Paste at original location", then left click. You will have to rematerial it (vgui_overlay for one ways, wireframe for ladder and cover, and debug_white for everything else) and shadow remove it to achieve the same look as in the screenshots.



This is my first time uploading a dupe/creating a post on the forums, so sorry if it is a bit messy. Fading door binds can be changed, just use the fading door tool with whatever bind on the fading doors.

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1 hour ago, GlacernHvH said:

I need help with this base it says keypad is not whitelisted?

It's fine, that's just because I had keypads on it when I saved it, you just have to put the keypads yourself with the keypad tool, use the binds I listed above for them (unless you switched the binds, then use those).

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