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Rust 2x Rules

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Exhibition Rust Rules:

General Rules

Use common sense
No chat spam
No hacking, cheating, scripting, duping, or exploiting of any kind
No advertisements of any kind
No racism
You may not block off monuments (ie. Oxums, Super market, launch site, etc)

Clan Rules

4 man teams max
Clans are to have no more than 4 players online at a time!
You may raid, roam, or counter raid with only 4 players max!
The same rules apply if you are allied with another clan!

Base Rules
4 players MAX online at any point of time


Players are not entitled to refunds on server crash/restart/etc.
Players are not entitled to refunds due to freak glitches {Like teleporting under the map, etc}
Rules can be modified at any time without notice.

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