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Mining Guide


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Hi guys, I see many players asking how the mining system works.

Well, I am here today to reveal that answer.


First of all, what is the mining system?

- The mining system is a resource for players who want to acquire a "mining weapon"—for example, the blundergat.


- There is a bunch of weapons that everyone has access to by simply mining. Here is a list of them.


* Dragons Breath 

* Railgun

* Zap Gun Dual Wield

* Wunderwaffe DG-2

* Raygun V2

* Sliquifier

* Ray Gun [Pistol sized one]

* Blundergat

* GrapplingHook

* JackHammer [Help you mine way faster]


As a new player who as never been in the mine before, you might ask yourself; Where is the mine?

The solution is the following, when you change your job in the F4 menu to "MINER." --> 840409299_Minerjob.PNG.4f3b77547f6812c12f573f2a1fe2377e.PNG

You should have on your screen something saying "Mining Area" followed by the distance between you and the "Mining Area." It would be best if you went towards it. After that, you should realize that the distance number is getting smaller.

898019537_MiningArea.PNG.ff129858491a8d66889cb142b46836e0.PNG --> 918077932_MiningArea2.PNG.90efd184d9a65316f91f0526c6d6f658.PNG


Once you reach the mining area, you can interact with the NPC to get to the mining system.

You can also access the mining system by typing "!mining" in chat. (This command doesn't require you to be a "MINER")

When you open it, you should have access to 3 category.

1- The Ores / 2- The Mining Weapons / 3- The abilities


The first category is the ores, and it shows you how many right now you have by category. With this, you can determine how many resources you need to acquire your weapons.

The second category is the Mining Weapons, and it shows you the different weapons you can acquire by merely mining ores.

The third category is your mining abilities, and it shows you the upgrades that you can uses to mine faster with your pickaxe. Be aware that those mining upgrades can cost a lot of money. Also, mining upgrades are affected by your mining level, and if you don't have the level required for the upgrade, you won't be able to upgrade until you reach this level.


Here are some pictures to help you comprehend more...





Useful things to know about the mining system

1- The ore called "URANIUM ORE" is the only one that is not in the mining area. It spawn in the water near the Beach Territory.

Here is the picture to help you understand


Also, this ore is not always there. It only spawns when you see this message in chat 



With that being said, I genuinely hope that this "Mining Guide" can help you. If you have any questions about the mining system or the guide itself, feel free to contact me on discord --> Fake#0999 or you can find me under the darkrp staff section in the ExhibitionRP discord server.



Much love, Fake.


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59 minutes ago, Trofiアニメ said:

I don’t think anyone needed to know this...

What’s the point of you commenting just to say thay? Idc bruh ... just because you don’t need to see it doesn’t mean that no on else will need it in the future. 

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