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Maer Freaht (hazzard strannik)


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In-Game RP Name:

A: Maer Freaht


Steam Name:
A: Onhx


Steam ID (https://steamidfinder.com/):

A:  STEAM_0:1:99229844


Discord Name and #:

A: Maer Freaht bitch (i forgot how to change it...)


Which server are you applying for (DarkRP/SWRP): 



How old are you? (Minimum 15yrs)

A: 17


What Country are you from?



What is your Time Zone?



How long have you been a part of this community?

A: beginning of summer. i took a 2-month break tho, had to go but im back now, with 2 new days of server time.


How long is your total time on the server? (Minimum 48hrs)

A: 4 days 4 hours atm


How available are you to staff on the server? (Include weekdays and time)

A: Every day, Until the 28th of this month, 11am to 4pm   and 8pm to 2am (all in one day)


Why do you want to be part of the staff team? (Minimum 5 sentences)

A:      I would like to be a part of ExhibitionRP's great staff team because I Love the thrill of helping victims of anarchy and punishing people with a great disregard of the rules (I know, Wierd right?) I used to play on darkrp Every day of every week, And I was often staff of the servers. This server has recently grown a very large player base. I was not around when it happened, but I can tell. There are usually 30-60 people on, But only about 2-3 admins. They all seem to get stressed out very quickly, As would anybody. If nothing else, I would like to relieve some of the stress on the staff team by adding an experienced new member to the crew. The exhibition is Easly my favorite Gmod server, And I would hate to see it be removed for the simple yet crucial reason of lack of proper staff. Altho anarchy is good sometimes, On a gmod darkrp is Not the place. I wish for exhibitionRP to remain a great server for many people all around to join and have a great roleplay experience.


Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (Minimum 5 sentences)

A:      You should choose my staff application over others because of my dedication, experience, and overall likeableness. As I've said before, I used to be staff on many darkrp servers. I loved joining a server and helping people. The highest rank of staff that I have ever been was on, "Bill Nye the Nazi Spy's" darkrp server; I was a Head Admin on the server with at least 40% of my in game Gmod hours (2.5k) dedicated to being a staff member. I already know my way around many staff/moderator tools and will not need extensive training. I play on ExhabitionRP every day for hours, I have even donated to exhibitionest and for a perma knife (i was totaly the FIRST one to buy a perma knife). I hope to play on the server for Many more hours for at least the summer. Most of my success in my Darkrp Staff career would be due to my overall likeableness. I am very easy to get along with and often leave a room laughing, Or stunned, by jokes that often tell.


Staffing experience: (Optional)

A:  Very much, at least 300 of my total hours in gmod, (jeffenglert is my alt) were as staff on darkrp, Begining on Bill nye the nazi spys old darkrp server a few years ago. I can operate will Logs, know my way around the warn system (lel, personal experience :D) and i have come to know the rules very well. (WHO TF TOLD ME I NEEDED SUPPORTS ON BUILDINGS. i was lied to btw.)

Have you read and understood our current rules?

A: yes very often as well.


Have you read and understood the "Before you apply" post?

A: yes


Were you recommended by anyone on the staff team? (Optional)

A: Yes, Sheriff Fletch (R3mix recomended me a few months ago to my old app but i havent seem him in a while.)


Do you understand that we are looking for dedicated players and that being staff on ExhibitionRP will take time away from roleplaying?

A:   Yup.


Do you understand that your In-Game name, Steam name, Discord name, and Forums name must be the same?

A:    Yes. (my discord is actually MAER FREAHT BITCH; i forgot how to change it...)





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