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Master Maguku

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So I think the new playermodel in my class ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=269844832)

Broke my class because this never happened to me until it was added but when i scroll to the class it doesn't give me an option to pick what playermodel i want.

it just shows nothing there so i cant pick. I don't know if this is client side but iv'e tried everything possible and it is still there.

i check other classes to see if they have this issue too but they don't. here is what i see


and here it is for other classes


hopefully this can all be resolved but if i have to get a new player model then id be willing to change

thanks for reading


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This is not an error by Miskie, this is client-side.

The same shit happened to me with hentailover96 when adding a player model like a month ago, same with Germ too, I guess if you're missing the textures for a model and click on the model it makes it so you can't pick which one you wanna be anymore, the only fix I've found is re-installing Gmod.

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