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DarkRP 6/25-6/26 Update


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  • Added new cuffs for police and kidnapper
  • Added new purge system
  • Added old alchemy system to magician
  • Added a new gokart system/gokart updates
  • Added a new jetski system/jetski upgrades
  • Added a new kevlar system sold by Black Market Dealer
  • Added a new meth system
  • Added advanced ammo types
  • Added a new ingame custom class creator
  • Added weapon skins
  • Added a new casino system. /casino
  • Added a brand new prop protection to fix most the issues
  • Added a new Creep job
    • Added a new kiss swep for this job
  • Added food that give buffs, sold by chef
  • Added pizza making to chef
  • Added new pd armory
  • Added new bank interest system
  • Added the bail system from mbrp
  • Fixed the anti suicide chat notification
  • Removed old prop protection
  • Removed old meth system


  • Reduced the purge time from 10 minutes to 5
  • Added police baton to police to help with cuffing
  • Fixed missing textures in the hud/context menu
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