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Report on Cromieee


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Your in-game name: Bailey


Users IGN: Cromieee


Users SteamID: STEAM_0:1:64380180


Explain what happened: Basically i joined the server not long ago. A friend was playing on the server, i thought, why not base with him. I did, got printers setup and out of nowhere this dude comes into our base, forcibly by lock picking the door with no advert. mid way through the raid he then adverts (Universal Advert's) then we managed to kill him. He then gets a bit mad, breaks NLR, Instantly comes back and decides to kill us with minimal Roleplay and another Universal Advert. he then proceeds to go back to his base where he then fills OOC chat with threatening behavior, saying he will trace my IP address, come to my house and slit my mums throat. In conclusion this is uncalled for and ban would be much appreciated since this is not the place for him.








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