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7/17/ DarkRP Update log!


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  • Added new boombox
  • Added new hackable servers in the bank
  • Added new hit numbers
  • Added back chess and checkers
  • Made the spawn menu (q menu) have dark mode, optional through f4 menu settings!
  • Added new cuffs for all police
  • Added new battering ram for all police
  • Added a handheld metal detector for police
  • Added a Megaphone for mayor to make sure he is heard
  • Added 3 new jobs
    • Skeleton Dweller
    • Sonic
    • Graffiti Artist
  • Skeleton Dweller catches on fire above ground
  • Added back old mayor system/police upgrades
  • All jobs now have access to printers
  • Creep now gets a polaroid camera with picture frames in the f4 menu
  • Added back highly requested elegant printers


  • Removed old radio
  • Removed cocaine system
  • Removed bounty hunter
  • Disabled adding trashman to your custom classes due to it being broken
  • Removed Ray Gun v1
  • Removed Moonshine
  • Removed custom printers
  • Removed bullet types


  • Last but not least switched back to our tits_v2 map!
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