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8/6 MBRP Update Log!


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  • Nerfed USAS reload speed
  • Added a brand new meth system
  • Increased the max balance of gangs to 10 million
  • Increased the Jihad Bomb damage
  • When in your context menu your inventory will pop up now
  • Removed smuggler (for now)
  • Party members can no longer kill other party member when friendly fire is disabled
  • Added new job Pro Medic
    • Comes with health medkit
    • also comes with armor medkit 
  • There is now a Biden playermodel for president job (You can choose what model you want)
  • Removed sounds from billys fading door tool
  • Skill point upgrades no longer work in arenas
  • Removed the super slow animation in the license terminal
  • You can now drop props again, we have taken extra measures to fix old crash methods.
  • Fixed a bug if a buddy physguns your prop it wouldn’t ghost properly
  • Added a bunch of new accessories
    • Confederate Hat
    • Cum Hat
    • Tree Hat
    • MAGA Hat
    • 100 Mill Hat
    • Boonie
    • Combat Helmet
    • Teeth Bandana
    • Glow Bandana
    • Army backpack 1 and 2
    • Commie Hat
    • Diving Helmet
    • Aqua Mask
    • Camo Mask
    • Plain Mask
    • Fallen Patriot Mask
    • Grim Sight Mask
    • Blank Stare Mask
    • Punisher Mask
    • Premium Mask
    • Talon's Grip Mask
    • Iron Man Mask
    • Jason Mask
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