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8/28 MBRP Update


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  • Updated the border armory to the newest version
    • Updated ui
    • Optimizations to the code
    • Fixed possible net exploit
    • Fixed a glitch where it equipped armory lockpick on respawn/job change and glitched.
    • And more
  • Updated the police armory to the newest version
    • Completely redone ui
    • A lot of optimizations have been done
    • Increased the robbery distance
    • Increased the reward for killing the robber from $2,500 to $25,000
    • Replaced the Honey Badger with the ACR
  • Increased the distance you can move around when capturing a territory (Not by too much)
  • Supplier can now purchase Dragunov SVU and PKM shipments and singles
  • Moved Corrupt Banker from under the bank to Canada (Second Banker still in Mexico)
  • You can now withdraw from other players bitminers again

Thanks @Damplips for the help.

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