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the weed tutorial

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-----------the weed  tutorial-----------


so i decided ill start do these tutorials on a semi weekly basses to help out new people and try to have something new to do, thanks for the support on the last one and i hope you will enjoy!


first things first you want to get the flowerpot, this allows you to grow the stuff, you can also use the hydro flowerpot if your vip, all it does is make it so you dont have to water it


after that you want to get soil and add it to the flower pot


then you will want to do a couple of things to make it grow.


you will need all there items witch are could (left to right) watertank, fan, generator, sodium light, gasoline, flower pot. you will also want to use the cable and attach the engine to the light and fan. as soon as you do that turn on the fan, light, and engine to allow the weed to grow, as soon as your done with that put the gas into the engine.


as soon as you do that everything will light up, and start moving. as soon as you do this you will need to start growing, you can do this by buying a seed or using one you already had, if you dont have a seed you can find them in the entity menu.


as soon as you do that you will notice this bar. you will want it to stay in the middle for you to grow it so you know, do it. 


depending on the see it could take 10 seconds to 600 seconds so be patinate, also depending on the plant the bar could be bigger or smaller.


 you will quickly run out of water while baby sitting the plant so this is when the water tank comes in, if you hit mouse 2 or what every your alt attack key is you will refill your water, if your watertank runs out of water then you can refill it with that one big button on the front of it.


soon it will begin to sprout making showing you progress. 


if this happens to you dont worry just press your interact key on it


as soon as you see this you are done, you have completed the growing process all you need to do now is click you interact key on it.


when you do that you will be given these little leaf's, you will need to buy a dry station and hang up the leaf's as shown.


once they are done dry you can interact with it to drop jars (these ones i named)


you may ask what to do with these things, well you have 3 options, option one, pack them up and sell them, i will get back to this one later but this will be the main way to make money, you need four jars to bag the stuff


option two, reproduce, you will put two jars in this thing called the seed lab and make a new seed, you can even name the seeds


option three, joints, easy, quick, and overrated, just follow the instructions and you will be good, though somthing that needs to be known is that you should always breed those with the highest thickness because it can give you more money.


finnaly, the weed selling part, lets say you have packed up some weed and you want to sell it, this could be hard due to the amount of rdmers now a-days but id just recommend following this path,




as soon as you get to him you will be given 3 options leave, buy a bong, or sell weed, depending on the thickness of the weed he will pay you more or less thats all, with the bong you just get a joint that can be reused that all.


thanks again for the support on the last one, if you want to support me you can add rep/follow me, thanks again and hope you enjoy your weed escapade! 


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