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10/5 Update Log!


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  • Changed Pro hackers salary to 0
  • Added a new law blacklist -- So certain words wont be allowed in laws
  • Bank Manager now spawns with an Ithaca
  • Bank Manager now has a 2 hour time requirement to become the job
  • Bank Guards now spawn with the HK45
  • Increased the salary of border guards
    • Border Patrol 565 -> 700
    • Border Chief 665 -> 850
    • Border Heavy 500 -> 730
  • Added AK74 shipment to blackmarket dealers
  • Added National Guard and ICE to the police armory
  • Fixed it so Osama, Terrorist Sniper and El Chapo's Wife can rob the police armory
  • Changed ICE's job color to make it easier to see in the tab menu
  • Mercenary is now in the "Vip+" category in jobs

Thanks to @Damplips for helping......

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