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10/17 Update Log!


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  • Fixed a bug allowing players to drop weapons they spawn with
  • You can now lockpick fading doors
  • You can now only have a max of 8 keypads
  • Removed the xp books from the f4 menu
  • Increased the amount of players that can be Bitcoin Miner to 7
  • Increased the amount of players that can be Master Criminal to 6
  • You can no longer pickpocket players physgun
  • Made it so less cops have to be online to rob the store
  • You can now buy 3 vip tanks and 3 fuel lines
  • Hopefully fixed a bug causing players to not be able to buy more than 1 gun from a weapon shelf
  • Increased the amount of players that can be sonic to 3
  • Slightly buffed weed sell price
  • Decreased the price of items in the candy shop
  • Increased the max price you can make weapons/entities on the weapon shelves
  • Removed the luger from Nazi
  • Removed the Sig Sauer from Jew
  • Hitler can now buy shipments of lugers to supply the Nazis
  • Jew Leader can now buy shipments of Sig Sauer to supply the Jews
  • You can no longer pickpocket the stun gun
  • Fixed an error in rprotect
  • Fixed an error in motd causing players to not beable to see the hud
  • Fixed Kidnap logs [For Staff]
  • Fixed Pickpocket logs [For Staff]
  • Made sit request system more tolerable for staff

Credit Store Changes:

  • Added a few more packages to credits:
    • Permanent Harpoon
    • Permanent Damascus Sword
    • Permanent Machete
    • Permanent M9K Knife
    • Permanent Crossbow Ammo
  • Fixed printer event in credit store
  • Fixed the printer event price
  • Fixed addcredits bug
  • Fixed weapons not being given on job change for perm weapons in credits

E2 Changes:

  • Removed WebAudio as it wasn't working at all
  • Added back StreamCore
  • Added WireSpawn Core
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