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12/4 Update Log!


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  • Added 9 new items to the gas station npc
    • Benelli M3
    • Kac pdw
    • Armory lockpick
    • CSGO CS Source Knife
    • Biggie Bong
    • Vape
    • CSGO Bowie Rust Coat
    • CSGO Butterfly Rust Coat
    • CSGO Karambit Rust Coat
  • Added Biggie Bong shipments to Vape Dealer
  • Increased max storage for printers to $450,000
  • Increased the fire rate for the Bizon



  • Added more words to the law blacklist
  • Added more blacklisted words to the chat blacklist
  • You now get $1,500 from destroying a weed jar as police
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