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12/6 Update Log!


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  • Fixed magician being in god mode when disguised
  • Weapons that were spawned and inventoried during a glitch awhile ago have now been removed from players inventories
  • You can now search with capital letters in the f4 menu
  • You can no longer strip non droppable weapons from handcuffed players
  • You will no longer get stuck when using the mayor terminal in third person
  • Fixed a infinite speed glitch with the raid bag
  • Fixed a bug when knocked out you are stuck surrendered 
  • Lowered the price of e2 to 400 credits
    • Players can get the e2 package free once they reach 100+ hours
  • Fixed raid bag bugging out if a player left while you had their printer in the raid bag
    • Added a hud behind the white raid bag text to make it easier to see
  • You can no longer pickpocket keypad access log tools from staff in adminmode
  • Fixed a bug that would cause players to be stuck arrested
  • Fixed a glitch causing some props to not show the owner
  • Fixed a bug causing you to spawn where you died when having a raid bag out
  • Added a new Master Hitman job for VIP+ and up
  • Added Trashman job back
  • Added a new 450 credit package for $5 on the donation page ExhibitionRP - Home
  • Fixed an issue with some restricted tools not being restricted
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