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12/11 Update log


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  • Added new bail system
  • You can now remove ladders with the remover tool
  • Edited the chat blacklist a little
  • Fixed skills xp gain
  • Fixed staff requests not telling the user if it was declined
  • Fixed using tool gun on your buddies props
  • Added the websocket expression2 extension to the server
  • Fixed Streamcore global music exploit
  • Made shipments dropped from inventory able to be manipulated by Expression 2 for gun shops.
  • You will now be refunded if you disconnect before a coinflip


  • Fixed VIP and up not having access to vip upgrades
  • Increased the max slots on Moonshine job from 2 to 4
  • Removed the Moonshine pallet from the f4 menu as it doesn't seem to work
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