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how to have neon ( flashy ) playermodel/physgun/fidget spinner

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How to have a neon character/physgun/fidget spinner

you can have only the Chemical Fiend model and the Gangster playermodel neon. the other will not work. ( sometimes, physgun laser will be invisible ) 

Works for :

Physgun, some Playermodels, and the Fidget Spinner Swep.


Now, how to have them :

For exemple, if u have those numbers for your playermodel/physgun/fidget spinner : | 232, 0, 12 | you will add a lot of zeros ( 0 ) to the numbers that are 1/1+ ( 1,2,3,4... )

Supposed to look like this : 232000000000000000000000000, 0, 120000000000000000000000000 ( if u still add some zeros to the 0 it does nothing. its just useless lol )

You can have lot of differents colors with this. Some exemples are at the bottom of the tutorial.

Sorry if i didn't posted the tutorial in the tutorial/guide zone, it didnt allowed me to.

Thx  @CanWan for killing me when i asked him so it changed my physgun, model...

Also thx @findog ツ for telling me how to do this.


Screenshot 2021-12-19 192024.png




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