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1/9/2022 Update Log!


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  • Completely updated the context menu
  • Added 2 new mining weapons
    • KSG 12
    • Akimbo Mac 11
  • Fixed a possible crash exploit
  • Fixed it so Border Patrol Sniper has access to the border doors
  • Added a new door group for Cartel for future rule update
  • Removed the Christmas jobs/weapons
  • Reduced the speed buff of cocaine by 25%
  • You can now disguise as these jobs
    • National Guard
    • Border Patrol Heavy
    • Expert Thief
    • Master Thief
  • You can no longer disguise as Bank Manager
  • Increased foreigner's salary to $35
  • Increased Personal Guard's salary to $60

The full update will be out after daily restart!

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