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the pcon/Mcon menu guide

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---the pcon/mcon menu guide---

a guide on how to use the pcon and mcon menu as government, if you want more guides like this you can support me via rep and following me



first thing you should know is to do /pcon or /mcon to bring up a menu:


as you can see there is two options, warrants and wanted, the ui of both is very similar 


this menu will show for both warrants and and wanted lists, you simply just go to the person you want click on them then add a reason why.


as mayor you get more options being able to start and stop lockdowns add laws remove laws and place lawboards


first off the lock down, this is quite simple, when ever some one does a terror you can do a lock down for 5 minutes, during this time police can arrest anyone inside.


then the lottery, you can make a lottery worth up to 500k, people really like this.


after that the law board which looks like this:


hitting add a law will let you add a law, read tos to know the boundaries of it


finally remove a law which will let you remove the law, but you will need to type in the law number to do so


thats all i have to say, have a good one and please tell me what i should do next

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