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How to use Chef Fruit Slicer Shop (For new users)


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Hello! I'm going to be showing you how to use the chefs Fruit stand for all new users! Let's start! (I'm going into detail with everything)

1st thing to do is of course select the "Chef" Job by press F4 then "Jobs" menu.


After doing so press the F4 key again then go to "Entities"

Soon after going to Entities, you will scroll down until you see "Fruit Slicer" category. You will see everything you need to use the Fruit Slicer Shop!


2nd thing to do is buy the "FruitSlicer Shop"


Soon after buying the shop, you will see a screen that will have a button; The button will activate the FruitSlicer Shop!


After pressing the button this screen will show.


To get started press the middle button! After pressing it this menu will show up!


To get started press any category (If you have the fruit) You start off with 15 Strawberrys, 10 Bananas, and 3 Watermelons. So, what I would do is press the strawberry icon. After that this menu will show.


Click "YES", So now that you clicked yes, a big menu with a variety of drinks you can pick from! Pick anything you want; I'm going to pick this one!


Great Job!! After picking the type of drink you want and clicked "Yes". Now you ready to cut some fruit!!!

But first take a cup which is shown here!


Super good job! Now you would see some fruit on the table! How do you slice it? take out your knife which is in your scroll wheel inventory and start slicing!!!

Okay, great job so far! After you have slice up the fruit you will be shown 3 milk types. Pick any it doesn't matter! So now after you picked your milk of choice you would press the green button on the blender, and it'll start up!!!


Then Boom!! Great job! you have made your first Smoothie!!


So now you can make more and more Fruit Smoothies! Now how do you restock? It's Simple!! go back into the f4 menu then into "Entities" and in the FruitSlicer Shop Category you will see alllllll kinds of fruits!


It's easy to restock on fruits just buy the boxes then drag them to your FruitSlicer Shop! Then boommmm you know everything about the FruitShop!

lol sorry if I went into detail too much. I really tried my best to make it look easy :) I really hope this helps! 


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