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3/6/2022 Update Log!


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  • Fixed a health glitch with Pizzas
  • Fixed a crash method involving Cameras
  • Added a few events to the event menu
    • 2x Lean Event
    • 2x Pizza Event
    • 2x Trash-Man Event
    • 2x Meth Event
    • 2x Weed Event
    • 1.5x Gang Printer Event
  • Added a few new Gestures
    • Gentleman Dab
    • Wiggle
    • Flippin Incredible
  • Added the in-game custom class creator (NPC's in spawn)
  • With custom classes being added back also comes an updated wardrobe system.
  • Added back the old grappling hook due to popular request (In the credit store as "Grappling Hook v2")
  • Added "AOS/KOS past 2nd door of PD" to the default laws
  • Increased mayors max bail to $150k
  • Added bail phone to the mayors office
  • Added Air Boat to the vehicle dealer npc
  • Wiped the bans on darkrp (Not including community bans)


  • Fixed a crash method involving Cameras
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