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!unbox tutorial!

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Hi! So today we are going to do a tutorial for the !unbox (knife system)

This system allows you to buy knife crates/keys to unbox knives, and probably a permanent (legendary) knife!

First of all, you have 5 different things in this menu : 

1. Home (featured items) (https://imgur.com/a/3MvLkLZ)

2. Shop (where you can buy crates/keys) (https://imgur.com/a/vBN0FJi)

3. Market (where you can buy or sell knives) (https://imgur.com/a/a9XHnO4)

4. Inventory (where you have your crates/knives/keys at) (https://imgur.com/a/YR1RFl8)

5. Trading (where you can trade a knife for another knife for example) (https://imgur.com/a/Y6QoNJC)

So now, I am gonna explain how to open a crate 


First of all, you need to buy a crate in the shop or the home thing. The best knives are the bayonets (m9/regual)

After buying a crate, you have to buy a key (If I bought 2 m9 bayonet crates I have to buy 2 m9 bayonet case key)

When you bought the crate and the key, go to your !unbox inventory, and search the crate.

Click the crate (left click) then press the Unbox In World button (Unbox In CS:GO is slower and you can't open 4 at same time)

Leave the !unbox menu if it doesn't make you leave automatically.

Now, you should have something looking like this (https://imgur.com/a/ZBqmMYL) (Ignore the 203x crates)


Other infos :

you can't open these crates in safe zones, it will not work

Even if it's knife crates, don't autoclick because that is against rule 6 in general rules (!motd), which is a ban. Even if it's 1k crates.

My discord if you need help : Freeze#5155 (or @Freeze in the Exhibition discord)

Please put this in the Guides/Tutorials 🙏



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