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4/22/2022 MBRP Update!


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  • Big new map update thanks to @gz
  • Added a new prop protection has been added (Might have bugs make sure to report them here)

Jobs Updates:

  • Added 2 new jobs
    • Cartel Enforcer
    • Cartel Reaper
  • El Chapo now has an unarrest baton
  • Mexican Drug Cartel now has the raid and mug tag
  • Changed “El Chapo’s wife” to “El Chapo’s Wife”
  • El Chapo now requires 5 hours of gameplay
  • El Chapo now spawns with a new special deagle
  • Added new Coin Pusher for Casino Manager for $25,000
  • Supplier can now purchase an M79 gl and a RPG-7 for a large price

Cartel Update:

  • Added forged usa passport
  • Mexican Drug Cartel and El Chapo can purchase shipments of 5 forged usa passports
  • New cartel part of the map
  • New cartel vault

Misc Updates:

  • Coyote can now only be used by Mexican nationality
  • Border Patrol no longer count toward the bank vault
  • Police now get $2,000 for destroying a weed jar
  • Increased the price of the 3rd and 4th printer slot upgrades
  • You are now required to upgrade security before upgrading Auto Collect B
  • Re arranged player spawn zones so people won't get stuck in the new bushes
  • There is now a store clerk npc next to the new city (You can also rob it)
  • Buffed the money you get off of Moonshine
  • Along with the bear event there is now a tank event

DarkRP update coming soon!

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