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Kegster is bad staff

Master Maguku

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Your in-game name: Master Maguku


Staff members name: kegster


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): idk/c


Explain what happened: was police flash and in laws of land it says "illegal weapons are aos" and I arrested him. He was on a ledge of a base so I thought he wasn't in a sit. However kegster was a few feet away telling a guy to remove some props. I arrested him and he got salty and took me to a roof and we argued and stuff he warned me. He switched to cop to weapon check him but the knife he had was from knife dealer. He checked him but nothing poped up. That's because he didn't re equip it so then he warned me  (he bad staff)


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)




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the problem with this is the fact it says "illegal weapons are AOS." What are illegal weapons though? Its not really explained so he is not really wrong since no one knows what weapons are illegal. So you RDA'ed get over it. And whoever the mayor was, is a bad mayor. "no going 'pass' the speed limit." Past* first of all and when tf has there ever been a speed limit. We dont even have cars.

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Just now, LevelCake Emerald.gg said:

it's the 3rd party's fault tbh kegster took it too seriously the terrorist was litearly sitting above them not even kind of connected to the sit since they were siting in a public space it's the mayor's/staff fault  

It was still RDA. Even if he did have a knife. You cant arrest him for it since knives arent illegal.

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