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PrisonRP - List of Commands


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Job Commands

armssmuggler Become Arms Smuggler.
aryanfounder Become Aryan Founder and skip the vote.
backdoorbandit Become Backdoor Bandit and skip the vote.
bailiff Become Bailiff.
billcosby Become Bill Cosby.
bitch Become Bitch.
blackpowerenforcer Become Black Power Enforcer and skip the vote.
blackpreacher Become Black Preacher and skip the vote.
bloodenforcer Become Blood Enforcer and skip the vote.
bloodgangbanger Become Blood Gangbanger.
bloodleader Become Blood Leader.
bountyhunter Become Bounty Hunter.
chaplain Become Chaplain.
commoncriminal Become Common Criminal.
communityservant Become Community Servant.
contrabandsupplier Become Contraband Supplier.
cook Become Prison Cook.
correctionalofficer Become Correctional Officer.
correctionalsergeant Become Correctional Sergent.
corruptofficer Become Corrupt Officer.
counterfitter Become Counterfeiter.
cripenforcer Become Crip Enforcer and skip the vote.
cripgangbanger Become Crip Gangbanger.
cripleader Become Crip Leader.
deathrowinmate Become Death Row Inmate.
discordmoderator Become Discord Moderator and skip the vote.
doctor Become Doctor.
drugaddict Become Drug Addict.
drugsmuggler Become Drug Smuggler.
ejecutordelamuerte Become Ejecutor de la Muerte and skip the vote.
eljefe Become El Jefe and skip the vote.
entertainer Become Entertainer.
epstein Become Epstein.
exveteranmercenary Become Ex-Veteran Mercenary.
federalagent Become Federal Agent.
federalsupplier Become Federal Supplier.
fieldworker Become Field Worker.
friendofislam Become Friend of Islam.
fruitloop Become Fruit Loop.
granamigo Become Gran Amigo and skip the vote.
gunman Become Prison Gunman.
headcook Become Head Cook.
incel Become Incel and skip the vote.
inmate Become Inmate.
inmate88 Become Inmate 88.
janitor Become Janitor.
judge Become Judge and skip the vote.
lawyer Become Lawyer.
lifesentenced Become Life Sentenced.
madscientist Become Mad Scientist.
mercenary Become Convicted Mercenary.
nuestrogeneral Become Nuestro General and skip the vote.
oldman Become Old Man.
paroleofficer Become Parole Officer and skip the vote.
prisonvisitor Become Prison Visitor.
rectalranger Become Rectal Ranger and skip the vote.
redditor Become Redditor.
securityexpert Become Security Technician and skip the vote.
sexfiend Become Sex Fiend.
sexoffender Become Sex Offender.
soldado Become Soldado.
soldadodelamuerte Become Soldado de la Muerte.
swat Become SWAT.
tacticalmedic Become Tactical Medic.
tyrone Become Tyrone.
undercoverofficer Become Undercover Officer.
votearyanfounder Vote to become Aryan Founder.
votebackdoorbandit Vote to become Backdoor Bandit.
voteblackpowerenforcer Vote to become Black Power Enforcer.
voteblackpreacher Vote to become Black Preacher.
votebloodenforcer Vote to become Blood Enforcer.
votecripenforcer Vote to become Crip Enforcer.
votediscordmoderator Vote to become Discord Moderator.
voteejecutordelamuerte Vote to become Ejecutor de la Muerte.
voteeljefe Vote to become El Jefe.
votegranamigo Vote to become Gran Amigo.
voteincel Vote to become Incel.
votejudge Vote to become Judge.
votenuestrogeneral Vote to become Nuestro General.
voteparoleofficer Vote to become Parole Officer.
voterectalranger Vote to become Rectal Ranger.
votesecurityexpert Vote to become Security Technician.
votewhiteenforcer Vote to become White Enforcer.
warden Become Warden.
whitebrother Become White Brother.
whiteenforcer Become White Enforcer and skip the vote.
Weed Commands
buyzwf_autopacker Purchase a Autopacker
buyzwf_backmix_brownie Purchase a Brownie Mix
buyzwf_backmix_muffin Purchase a Muffin Mix
buyzwf_doobytable Purchase a DoobyTable
buyzwf_drystation Purchase a Dry Station
buyzwf_fuel Purchase a Fuel
buyzwf_generator Purchase a Generator
buyzwf_lamp01 Purchase a Sodium Lamp
buyzwf_lamp02 Purchase a LED Lamp
buyzwf_mixer Purchase a Mixer
buyzwf_nutrition01 Purchase a Hyper Viper
buyzwf_nutrition02 Purchase a Haze of Light
buyzwf_nutrition03 Purchase a Fat Harvest
buyzwf_nutrition04 Purchase a MEGA Harvest
buyzwf_nutrition05 Purchase a Rapid Rabbit Mix
buyzwf_nutrition06 Purchase a Get Schwifty Mix
buyzwf_outlet Purchase a Powerstrip
buyzwf_oven Purchase a Oven
buyzwf_packingstation Purchase a Packing Table
buyzwf_palette Purchase a Palette
buyzwf_pot Purchase a Flowerpot
buyzwf_pot_hydro Purchase a Hydro Flowerpot
buyzwf_seed01 Purchase a OG Kush
buyzwf_seed02 Purchase a Bubba Kush
buyzwf_seed03 Purchase a Sour Diesel
buyzwf_seed04 Purchase a AK-47
buyzwf_seed05 Purchase a Super Lemon Haze
buyzwf_seed06 Purchase a Strawberry Cough
buyzwf_seed07 Purchase a Dark Devil
buyzwf_seed_bank Purchase a Seed Bank
buyzwf_soil Purchase a Soil
buyzwf_splice_lab Purchase a Seed Lab
buyzwf_ventilator Purchase a Fan
buyzwf_watertank Purchase a Watertank
Opium Commands
bottleopium Purchase a Opium Bottle
codeine Purchase a Codeine
opbarrel Purchase a Barrel
opgas Purchase a Gas
opheater Purchase a Heater
oppacker Purchase a Packer
oppapa Purchase a Papaverine
opsulfate Purchase a Sulfate
opwater Purchase a Water
Mad Scientist
buyzbl_dna Purchase a +10 DNA Points (Extra)
buyzbl_fence Purchase a Electric Fence
buyzbl_fence2 Purchase a Security Fence
buyzbl_gasmask Purchase a Respirator
buyzbl_lab Purchase a Lab
Meth Commands
buytent Purchase a Tent Kit
buyequipment Purchase a Equipment Crate
buyerpprinter2 Purchase a Printer Rack (Counterfeiter)
Prison Entertainer (Casinos)
blackjacktable Purchase a Blackjack Table
coinpusher Purchase a Coinpusher
doubleornothing Purchase a Double or Nothing
redsushi Purchase a Red Sushi
wheelofluck Purchase a Wheel of Luck
Guards (Police/Government)
addlaw Add a law
billboard Create a billboard holding an advertisement.
lockdown Initiates a lockdown
unlockdown Disables a lockdown
removelaw Remove a law
unwanted Unwants a person
unwarrant Remove a search warrant for a certain player. With a warrant you can search their house.
wanted Gives police right to arrest a player
warrant Add a search warrant for a certain player. With a warrant you can search their house.
Prison Cook/Head Cook
buyapple Purchase a Apple
buybanana Purchase a Banana
buycoconut Purchase a Coconut
buydonationbox Purchase a Donation Box
buykiwi Purchase a Kiwi
buylemon Purchase a Lemon
buymelon Purchase a Melon
buyorange Purchase a Orange
buypomegranate Purchase a Pomegranate
buystrawberrys Purchase a Strawberrys
buyzfs_shop Purchase a FruitSlicer Shop
buyzmc_buildkit Purchase a Buildkit
buyzmcgastank Purchase a Gastank
Arms Smuggler/Contraband Supplier (Gun Dealer)
buyweaponshelf Purchase a Weapon Shelf
General Commands
0 Cry for help the police will come (hopefully)!
112 Cry for help the police will come (hopefully)!
911 Cry for help the police will come (hopefully)!
999 Cry for help the police will come (hopefully)!
addagenda Add a line of text to the agenda.
advert In character global chat
buyaclock Purchase a Analog Clock
buyarmorprinter Purchase a Armor Printer
buycamera Purchase a Camera
buydclock Purchase a Digital Clock
buyerpprinter Purchase a Printer Rack
buyhealthprinter Purchase a Health Printer
buyhybridprinter Purchase a [VIP] Hybrid Printer
buyscanner Purchase a Scanner
buysrtarmor Purchase a Armor
buysrtmedkit Purchase a Medkit
buywhkpictureframe Purchase a [VIP+] Picture Frame
buywhkrradio Purchase a Radio
buywhksquarepictureframe Purchase a [VIP+] Square Picture Frame
buywhktablepictureframe Purchase a [VIP+] Table Picture Frame
buywidescreentv Purchase a [VIP+] Widescreen TV
drop Drop an amount of money
help Lists Commands
ooc,//,a Out of character chat
pm Private message a player
printer2 Purchase a [VIP+] Printer Rack
printer3 Purchase a [Exhib] Printer Rack
r Reply to a private message
sellalldoors Sell all of your doors.
w,whisper Gives speech a much smaller radius to be heard from
y,yell Gives speech in a much higher radius to be heard from
Staff Only Commands
addmoney Add money to a player's wallet.
arrest Forcefully arrest a player.
forcecancelvote Forcefully cancel a vote.
forcelock Force the door you're looking at to be locked. This is saved.
forceown Forcefully make someone own the door you're looking at.
forceremoveowner Forcefully remove an owner from the door you're looking at.
forcerpname Forcefully change a player's RP name
forceunlock Force the door you're looking at to be unlocked. This is saved.
forceunown Forcefully remove any owners from the door you're looking at.
forceunownall Force a player to unown all the doors and vehicles they have.
freerpname Remove a RP name from the database so a player can use it
resetlaws Reset all laws.
setjailpos Reset jail positions and create a new one at your position.
setlicense Forcefully give a player a license.
setmoney Set a player's wallet value.
unarrest Forcefully unarrest a player.
unsetlicense Forcefully revoke a player's license.
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