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Prison Roleplay Guide


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Welcome All Prisoners!

In this guide ill be showing you the basics of how to play.

Before joining the server make sure you subscribe to all addons in the content pack.

Content Pack

Subscribe to all then connect to the server.

Also check out some common bind commands you may want to use.

Common Binds

Make sure to read the rules!

Prison Rules

Once you connect you will spawn in this beautiful place.


So you've now loaded in the prison so let me give you some basic knowledge.

If you walk through the doors in front of you, you will see a board with directions of common places around the prison.



Admin = Guard Floor

Rec Room = Entertainment Room

Death Row = Jail/ Execution Rooms

Cafeteria = Lunch Room

Intake = Prison Entrance/Exit

Outdoor = Prison Yard/Mining Area/Workout Area

Cell Blocks = Different areas for you and/or gangs to base at.


So now you know the general areas of the prison so I'm assuming you'd like to start grinding some money out.

There are quite a bit of ways to make money inside a prison believe it or not.

Here are the money making jobs listed below.



















Printer Farm



Some jobs some require you to have up to a total of 2-4 hours played on the server.

To obtain these jobs you must talk to certain people around the prison.

If you want to become a guard you must talk to the Guard Recruiter.


So lets say you're a rebel and want to escape the prison. 

(Escape at night time, don't do it in broad daylight (You didn't hear that from me))

There's a few ways to do this. There are vents located all around the prison.

Or just attempt to walk out the front gate at intake. (Goodluck with that)

Some bring you to restricted/kos areas.

Some bring you to caves/sewers.

Some will bring you to freedom.

Ill leave that up to you to find out which vent routes go where.

Vents look like the photo below.


To gain access to the vents you need vent lockpicks which can be bought from some smugglers.

Lets say you finally escape the prison.

Congratulations but it doesn't end there.

You can talk to the Jailbreaker.


Jailbreaker is located at the lighthouse.

He will give you access to a lot more jobs you did not have access to before.

Hmm how do you get there you might ask?

Since you asked, you know all that money you grinded while in prison?

You can buy a boat from the boat dealer on the dock.

But lets say you were extorted in prison and escaped with no money.

There is a boat that will bring you to lighthouse and oil rig located at the dock.


"WhY CaNt i JusT sWim ThErE ?"

Well try your luck, these waters are deadly, filled with sharks, leeches and piranhas.(They are hungry af)

Once you do own a boat there are a few places you should visit,

The sandbar is an area located at the corner of the map which you may base on.


You can base at the lighthouse also.


I suggest visiting the cargo ship which will bring you to a somewhat small island you can base on.


There is a little riddle on the cargo you and your friends can do to make it move to the island.

ill give you a hint. They looks like this: (it doesn't just move to the island FYI)


Don't forget about oil rig, this is the rdmers heaven. literally.

You can KOS anyone on oil rig. 



So this is the majority of what you will find on Exhibition Prison Roleplay.

There is a lot of other things for you all to do and explore.

I don't want to spoil everything for you guys so hop on!

I hope you all enjoy your stay in the prison!

Remember to have fun!







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