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Simple Weed Growing Guide


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Hello Everyone!

I'm assuming you're here to learn how to grow weed so let's jump right into it.

Prison RP Buyer locations at the bottom of this guide )

FIRST thing you're going to need, is to become the Drug Addict/Weed Grower/Chemical Fiend Job. (Depending on what server you're on it will be one of those three.)

SECOND Pull out your tablet/f4 menu and lets setup shop.

Buy the following items If you are not VIP rank on the server yet:

Screenshot_7.png.cfc16e937824a98b9d2d73d724fb6d5c.png To power your workstation.

Screenshot_8.png.2c30361049f7f45fe9ce97fb65f532ac.png To power your generator.

Screenshot_9.png.adeb884e0c918a03f121e7c7fa9180dd.png To give light to your plants. VIP/VIP+/EXHIB rank can alternatively purchase this: Screenshot_3.png.1301745eabd3cb1a59bd4c1f7dcff557.png

Screenshot_10.png.fc7ec71d6c1f3bdc371fc47d4bbbe33c.png To dry your plants.

Screenshot_11.png.5a4f125a29ca6cc1be78cb355fc22cf4.png To plant your seed. VIP/VIP+/EXHIB rank can alternatively purchase this: Screenshot_4.png.b95f436e1b2f9e6d5d3d8622954e3fcc.png

Screenshot_12.png.75465dfa99255ca7bb6ababe8e0f5d88.png To fill your pot.

Screenshot_13.png.990336142b9fafe9d8242f70ab95d0d8.png To fill your watering can.

Screenshot_14.png.9f7ddacc293ee8c8cff970b480c428eb.png To hang plants while drying.

Screenshot_15.png.1afc27579fb3de72b2b95180849ff849.png To pack your weed to sell. VIP/VIP+/EXHIB rank can also purchase this: Screenshot_6.png.8562439898dd8399c882c6937530c28e.png


When you purchase all this you should have a setup something like this:


THIRD lets connect everything.

- Place fuel into the generator

- Take out cable tool ( Left click to connect, Right click to remove connections)

- Left click the generator

- Connect it to the lamp/s

- Connect it from the lamp to the fan (your fan should be close to the drying rack)

- Place your soil into your pot

- Water your soil with watering can (Refill watering can with water tank ( right click water tank ) ) ( VIP/VIP+/EXHIB Ranks can use cable tool directly from the water tank to the hydro pot)

- Optional Use fertilizer on your pot for speedy production / less disease rate.

FOURTH lets start growing.
Start by turning on your generator/ lights and fan.

Place your seed in the pot.

You should pay attention to the plants feelings displayed on the pot itself:

Sometimes your plant will have diseases you need to press "E" on them to heal. ( Same with your generator, don't forget to add fuel to your generator when it gets low)
Once your plant is fully grown it will look like this:

Just spam "E" on it to harvest the plant and the buds will fall on the floor:

Gravity gun them to the drying rack and make sure your fan is faced towards them.

Once they are ready just spam "E" on the plants to put them into jars.

You can combine two of these jars with the highest % to create better/stronger weed. Using a "Seed Lab"

You can purchase a seed lab in the tablet  and combine and rename all types of weed to create the best strain. for more profit.

Place the jars on the packing table ( 4 at a time) and press the buttons that say "E". (Auto packer will do it automatically.)
Once you pack them, you will see a block of weed which you can collect and bring to the "Weed Buyers". (If you die you will lose them)


FIFTH lets go make a sale!

The guy you are trying to look for looks like this :
Sometimes your profit will be up , sometimes it will be down.


Depending on what Exhibition server you are on they are located all around the map,

You can figure out where the rest are but for Prison RP ill tell you exactly where they are located.
In Prison RP there is one in the prison located at the workout area outside.

The other one is located on the beach outside of the prison.

As you can see its a pretty lengthy process to make and sell weed. 

Hopefully this guide is useful to a lot of you. Once you join Prison RP you'll have an advantage by knowing the locations of these buyers.

I hope you guys make good weed and don't get caught !

Don't forget to have fun!

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