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7/5/22 PrisonRP Update


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  • Lowered intensity of Aryan Brotherhood color on scoreboard so that names would be shown
  • Added group chats for Gangs (press U)
  • Decreased playtime requirement for Janitor
  • Fixed territories not being able to be captured
  • Fixed territory map not updating
  • Fixed entity buy limit issue
  • Added Disinfectant Spray to Security Tech and Janitor
  • Updated an out-of-date description in the Credit Store
  • Fixed annoying door sound issue (door closing sounds would play full volume no matter where you stood)
  • Nerfed infections (doors/entities can no longer be infected)
  • Disinfectant spray can now lasts longer
  • Removed pallet from Weed and Meth as they were causing issues and couldn't be use
  • Edited money silo text when placed to encourage raiding
  • Allowed KOS laws for warden
  • Increased HP of security fence 


This update will be live at daily restart. If you have any more suggestions or bugs, feel free to reply here

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1 hour ago, xd lol said:

mbrp update when 😔

after prisonrp is self sustaining then we will be doing a massive mbrp update (big map update, new jobs, perhaps a revamped buddy/party system)

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