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7/6/22 PrisonRP Update


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  • Fixed Inventory slots for admin
  • Fixed Jailbreaker NPC time requirement
  • Fixed Guard NPC time requirement
  • Fixed Admin ban length
  • Fixed Master lockpick missing for Ex-Veteran Mercenary
  • Fixed Contraband Supplier being available to User
  • Fixed entities being able to be infected (again)
  • Fixed another description in the Credit Store
  • Tried a fix to disable muscle deterioration after restart
  • Gang enforcers can now whitelist new members into the gang
  • Fixed ability to set gang leaders/gang members with command
  • Fixed visual bug that shows yourself being able to join 2 gangs at the same time
  • Reduced infectivity to only 20% without a mask, and increased protection with a mask to only 1% risk.
  • Increased salaries for cop jobs and Warden
  • Added Territory Logs
  • Removed the sale of Rust Machete's
  • On federal supplier, the LR300 was replaced with the MP5, and the M249 was replaced with the L96
  • Added lawyer to door group of police
  • Increased Life Sentenced from 3 to 5 slots
  • Gave Inmate 88 a Master Lockpick
  • Fixed Kidnap logs
  • Fixed Hit Logs
  • Fixed being able to toolgun money silos
  • Removed kidnap baton from Bounty Hunter
  • Buffed mining XP by 4x
  • Disabled the ability to drop the drilldo


This update will be live 7/6/22

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