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Advanced Duplicator 2 tutorial!

Freeze ツ

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Hello Exhibition gamers

This is an Advanced Duplicator 2 tutorial

What you will learn from this :

  1. How to save a base or anything like that
  2. How to send a base to your friend
  3. How to put a base from forums in your Advanced Duplicator 2 folder (advdupe2)

First of all, we are gonna start with how to save a base.

For example, I want to save this dupe : (click this link, lightshot link)

To save it, I have to go in my Q menu (or whatever your key is), then go in the Advanced Duplicator 2 tool.
Once you are into this tool, put the Area Copy size to the biggest you can, 30720 (click this, lightshot link)
Once you did that, leave the Q menu and press Shift + Right Click, then press Right Click on the props.
Go in firstperson so you can see your little toolgun screen.
When it's done saving, do this :
Press Right Click this thing : (click this, lightshot link), press save then name it whatever you want. DON'T PUT "(" OR ANY OTHER SPECIAL CHARACTERS OR IT WONT SAVE
Now, you saved your dupe, you don't have to build it again! (except if there was a saving error, but it's pretty rare and you would hear a sound)
Now, you are gonna learn how to send your dupe to your friend/ how to put a base from forums into your folder!
Go into your Garry's Mod game files, then go here : (Click this, Lightshot link)
Just put the .txt file into your folder (if you wanna have a base from forums or anywhere else)
And, if you wanna send your dupe to your friend or anybody else, just drag the .txt file on Discord or something like that
A dupe file should look something like that : (Click this, Lightshot link)
There you go, you just did it, enjoy!
If you have any questions, don't dm my Discord main. Dm this account :
g ? u n $#4898
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