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7/17/2022 PrisonRP Update


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  • Added an automatic message "Need Staff? Use @ (message) for assistance!"
  • Added a new title "Certified Gang Banga"
  • Added weapon skins addon (A few weapons might look a little buggy just report them on Exhibition Roleplay Feedback (nolt.io))
  • Added a new Radio system for government jobs listed below "Might be added to gang jobs soon"
    • Warden
    • Correctional Officer
    • Parole Officer
    • Federal Supplier
    • Correctional Sergent
    • Federal Agent
    • SWAT
    • Undercover Officer
    • Corrupt Officer
  • Added new mayor system (more details below)
    • New lawboard
    • New robbable safe (In wardens office)
    • New computer that warden can use to upgrade the government
  • You will now always spawn with Trained Fists
  • Slightly increased the chance of getting sick
  • Added the ability to skip job as a Janitor (/skipjob)
  • Added purchasable death screens addon (/ds)
  • Increased the amount you can rob the supply crate for to $300,000 since shipments were disabled
  • Increased the cooldown on weapon mayhem slightly
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