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7/21/2022 Update


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  • Added the gang system from mbrp (With a few tweaks to fit prisonrp)
    • Added the gang events from mbrp also
  • Added new zero's gold digger addon for job "Gold Digger"
    • Easier to find gold outside of the prison
  • Fixed it so Weapon Mayhem won't give weapons to people mining
  • Disabled dynamic voice for the reason from mbrp
  • Added the chatbox from DarkRP
  • The previous gang jobs are now in the f4 menu
  • Added lockpicks to the following gang jobs
    • Soldado
    • White Brother
    • Friend of Islam
    • Soldado de la Muerte
    • Backdoor Bandit
    • Redditor
  • Removed 1 gang job from each gang as there is too many gang jobs
  • Increased the thc for all weed seeds
  • Added a Prison Hookup npc outside of the prison
    • Prison Hookup npc can be robbed for $150k
  • Added boosts for the new gang system
    • Invite bonus (Players that join a gang when the boost is active will receive a random money reward)
    • Territory bonus (Players will receive a random bonus when capturing a territory while the boost is active)
    • XP bonus (Gangs will get double xp while this boost is active)


  • Disabled dynamic voice (We believe it was the causes of the daily crashes)
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