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Admin Abuse

Electric Pineapple

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20171016215334_1.jpg.6dfedd5be4e5835344d9ded2ed602b5d.jpgYour in-game name: Electric Pineapple


Staff members name: FrostByte


Steam id: IDK


Explain what happened: He was hitler and adverted war on jews. (I was a jew) then he Teleported me to him and tryed to shoot me with a sniper i dodged. Then he got sick of missing and tryed to return me but i knew it was admin abuse.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.





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32 minutes ago, Kegster said:

Do you have any footage besides screenshots? These are also really tiny, I can barely read them, and I got pretty damn good eyesight.

Just upload the screenshots to your profile, copy and paste all the links here. 

yea these pictures are so freaking small try upload bigger one if you can idk



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