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Halloween Update Coming October 13th!

We are releasing our Halloween update on October 13th, this will come with new jobs, new content, and new cool exclusive rewards!


DarkRP Patch Notes


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DarkRP 4.0 Patch Notes

We will be starting off with a short explanation on why we have chosen to completely revamp DarkRP. DarkRP in its old state was boring and bland, players had nothing to grind for, the raiding was uneventful, the printers were bulky in size and couldn't be stolen out of someone's base, money was hard to earn for new players, and weapons were locked to mining and donating only. We aim to skew far away from this type of gameplay with this update.


  • Host Change

    • NEW IP HERE:

    • We have changed hosts to prevent from D Dos attacks and to lower ping on the server

  • We have also removed many restrictive rules from the server that prevent players from playing the game how it was meant to be played

  • Job Related Updates

    • Removed Jobs

      • Hotel Manager

      • Trashman

      • Dog

      • Baby

      • Master Hitman

      • Pro Bit miner

    • Added Jobs

      • Assassin

      • Security Guard

      • Sea Monster

      • Jesus

      • Payday Crew ( including )

        • Hoxton

        • Dallas

        • Wolf

        • Chains

        • John Wick

      • The Flash

      • The Reverse Flash

      • Teddy Bear

      • Billionaire 

    • Changed Jobs

      • Alien has been updated with a new model

      • Drug Dealer has been updated with a new model

      • Weed Grower has been updated with a new model

      • Lean Producer has been updated with a new model

      • Pizza Chef has been updated with a new model

      • Meth Cook has been updated with a new model

      • Thief has been updated with a new model

      • Advanced Thief has been updated with a new model

      • Master Thief has been updated with a new model

      • Kidnapper has been updated with a new model

      • Combat Medic has been updated with a new model 

      • Osama has been updated with a new model

      • Vape Dealer has been updated with a new model

      • DJ has been updated with a new model

      • Bloodz have been updated with new models

      • Mafia has been updated with a new model

      • Mob Boss has been updated with a new model

      • Gangster has been updated with a new model

      • Added pistol to Thief

      • Added shadow knife to Assassin

      • Casino Manager can now spawn 5 machines, previously 2

      • Added weapon foundry to Supplier

  • System Related

    • Removed Meth version 2

    • Removed Weed version 1

    • Removed Handcuffs

      • Arrest Baton has been added back 

        • Player must be wanted in order to arrest them

    • Removed Bit miners version 2

    • Removed Bit mining rack

    • Removed Botnet Controller and Rack

      • Crypto ATM will be staying in for players to trade crypto with

    • Removed Blowtorch

    • Removed Turrets

    • Removed Big icon in top-left hand corner of context menu

    • Removed bugged models around the map

    • Removed duplicated NPCs around the map

    • Added Bit miners version 1

    • Added Elegant Printers

    • Added Meth version 1

    • Added Weed version 2

    • Added Pack-a-Punch

    • Added Mugger NPC

    • Added Camo Dealer

    • Added Airdrops

    • Added Police Radio

    • Added Rope tool for VIP+

    • Added Perm weapons in F4 Menu

    • Added weapons for events

    • Added more vaults inside bank to be raided

    • Added gold bars and cash inside the bank

    • Added Cash inside the police vault

    • Added Teleporters in spawn

    • Added info sign for players to track their crypto

      • You can also track it online as it syncs with IRL crypto prices

    • Added Blundergat

    • Added AWP Asiimov

    • Added CSO Weapons

    • Added Flintstones car to vehicle dealer

    • Added Easy Body group tool

    • Added entity disconnection removal

      • Entities owned by players will not be removed for 5 minutes to prevent players from leaving to avoid being raided

    • Fixed Safe Zones

    • Nerfed Opium

    • Buffed Bank Vault

    • Buffed PD Vault

    • Buffed Lean

    • Buffed Pizza

    • Buffed Bitminers

    • Buffed Elegant Printers

    • Changed NPC Store robbery cooldown to 60 seconds, previously 150 seconds

    • Changed Hitman bonus chance to 50%, previously 25%

    • Changed Gun Dealer shelves minimum price to $1, previously $7500

    • Changed starting cash to $100k, previously $50k

    • Changed Delivery Box cooldown to 150 seconds, previously 300 seconds

    • Changed lock pick speeds

    • Increased prop limit for all groups by 5

    • Increased amount of bags players can hold when robbing the Bank to 8, previously 2

    • Increased Daily reward to $50k, previously $30k

    • Increased Steam group reward to $250k, previously $100k

    • Increased discord reward to $500k, previously $150k

  • Custom Class Creator

    • I have talked with many of you about the state of custom classes and I have heard pretty much the same thing over and over, that custom classes are a glorified citizen job. We have set out to change that by allowing custom classes to Raid the bank and police vault without having issues. We also added many other features that players have asked for in the past but until now we have been unable to fulfill that need.

      • Added Raiding Tool Package

        • Comes with

          • Pro Lockpick

          • Keypad Cracker

      • Meth and Weed system additions

      • Restriction Mode

        • Only players you add to your class may access it

      • Bypass Feature

        • If your class is full, you will be able to bypass the limit and switch to it anyway

      • 1 Friend may be added to custom classes free of charge

      • Reduced Prices for the base custom class

      • Health and Armor have had their stats adjusted

        • Max Health and armor you may now receive is 150

      • Base Salary is now $100 up to $500

      • Wardrobe now costs 1000 credits, previously 2000 credits

      • Added friends now costs 1000 credits, previously 1500 credits

      • Base custom class cost is now 1000 credits, previously 1500 credits

      • Added multiple player models for players to choose from when creating a custom class

      • Reduced the cost of players models to 500 credits across the board

      • Made some pistols free in the weapon selection tab

We have many more features on the way still in development and once they are tested, we will be adding them to the server, some may include Trails, Fishing, User Interface update, Party System update, Skills update.

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