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DarkRP Patch Notes 4.0a


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DarkRP 4.0a Patch Notes

  • Balanced Overpowered weapons

  • Added additional options to Pack-a-Punch

    • Double Tap ( Fires an additional 2 bullets )

    • Rapid Fire ( Guns will fire faster in automatic mode )

  • Added Zoom Job [Exhib]

  • Added Shiro Playermodel for custom classes

  • Added G Protect to help eliminate crash issues

  • Added Permanent weapon icon to FastDL

  • Added Trail System into the server

    • Added Anime Trails

    • Added Pepe Trail

    • Added Rainbow Trail

    • Adjusted Trails location to feet of player

  • Added Weapons to permanent weapon tab

    • Fate Mondrel

    • Gauss Rifle

    • Dragons Breathe

  • Reduced Startup times

  • Grapple Hook can now attach to the sky

  • Tweaked The Flash  / Reverse Flash jobs

  • Updated Warn System

  • Updated Custom Class Editor

  • Updated Credits Hub

  • Updated workshop files

  • Removed Old prop protection

  • Removed Run Speed Skill

    • Due the code overwriting players run / walk speed we were unable to create unique jobs without them breaking

    • We are working hard to resolve this issue and the skill will be returning once it is tested properly


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